Clouds of Knowing…

It has been a very interesting period of time from Spring to Summer in my personal and spiritual life and I’m grateful for all the pain and confusion that has arisen. I knew, as it was all appearing that there was something moving internally and old karma was presenting itself for my consideration and help. As is usually the case the only real help I can give in these times is to try and stay within myself and not react in ways that create more karma.

Once again exploring, as if they were all new; old habits, attitudes, feelings and presumptions under a fresh light that seems to have just arrived to help me see more clearly. Not ‘way more’ clearly, just different and cleaner and renewed contextually.

Right, I’m not sure that explains anything but I’m still groping for descriptions and they may not be necessary at all or ever.

Anyway, here I sit experiencing a brightness that bodes well. It’s easier to accept this than some of the things that were “coming up” recently. The freshness includes an acceptance of the actual aging process and mental diminution that I was noticing and saw with worry, fear and a “nowhere-to-hide” type of resignation.

Something has changed and everything is still very familiar, but a little different. A new ease seems to be appearing. Some of my outlook changes have come through people entering my life and a reappraisal and understanding, on my part, of those already in it. Gratitude is what it appears as, and there may be more.

I am also more appreciative of this venue to just practice formulating very stray and diverse thinkings. I’m pretty sure no one is reading this, or ever will, but I am having a sort of organized conversation with myself and that’s a big improvement.

So, gratitude for a new and gentler caring, and allowing, having entered my life.

The things I Know often

Cloud the that, which

I don’t know, which

may be Good for

me to learn. i.e.

“As long as I don’t

Aim, I don’t miss.

Thank you once

Again, Ryokan.

1 thought on “Clouds of Knowing…

  1. Marcus

    Hmmm… I have similar experiences, in different ways.
    I like to shoot the arrow and then draw the bulls eye around it, like some wiseman suggested.



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