Monthly Archives: May 2016


The Mind,

My Mind.

It is. The

Object and

The observer.

Somewhere between

Those distinctions lies

the Truth of the

Matter.  Yet  I  can

See  that the fact is

I  forgot  what  I  was

Going to do,  yet one

More time.  Is anything

Going wrong?  No, not ever,

Just,  there’s always another

Tomorrow to  remember you,

And me, and them,  ‘n those

That  were then.  Or was it

Another time,  yet again?  I am

Not sure,  but one thing I do

Know;  is,  it is all,  slowly, going

Away,  Never to return.  Nor will

I.  We are all going a way,  One

Way,  or another.  This Thing,

It  is  an  Open circle  that  lets

Everyone in  and  not One  out.

Because  It  can not  contain.

We  go away,  on our  Own.

Memory and forgetfulness.

Birth and death,  in-between 

We spend  and invest  our time.

There’s so little of it  and 

So  much  too it all.

Right here.

Whoops! Gone. 

Any One Mind?



All the choices in my life today are staggering when I stop to consider, that within a fairly wide range, I can do just about anything that can be dreamt of. On some things I would have to spend every penny that I have in one day, still I can actually live the life of the Gods of not too long ago.

I can be anywhere in the world in one day. I can eat food from thousands of places around the globe; fresh. I can be in snow and within hours be on a warm beach. I can send a thought or a clear image to thousands of people instantaneously. I can fly. I have at my fingertips the accumulated knowledge of mankind, of every tribe, every empire, every clan, every school that has ever kept records of its teachings.

It’s all at my beck and call.

What am I doing with this awesome power?

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cold drink of tonic water and lemon.

I’m watching a group of local Warriors engage in modern athletic competition (war), with a group that is known for having Blazed a Trail all the way to Portland, OR from far-flung distant points to the East many years ago.

I am connected to another person through a small device that lets me plan a future meal, while also connected to yet another person to arrange a meeting three weeks hence thirty miles away across a cold and deep Bay in the Pacific Ocean; 7,000 miles from where I was born.

All of the things that I can do today are possible through the help and effort of countless other beings, humans and otherwise. Beings that invented, built, transported, wrapped, delivered, set-up, and in some cases made possible by giving their lives during the thousands of discrete transactions that had to take place, so that I could have this evening as a small God-ling on a small planet in the incalculable immensity of the Universe, and still, I  suffer from the mistaken idea that I matter.


I can make a small difference


That matters