Monthly Archives: October 2018

Wherever I go…

It’s been a few months or so since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been drifting in a pool of awareness, re-arrangement and getting ready to settle into the late Fall, my favorite time. There is gathering, storing, canning, preserving, curing and labeling the harvest of this years activities and efforts. In my case not grain, fruit or vegetable, root or otherwise; rather seeds gathered for consideration, contemplation, restoration during the cold months to replenish this little being, future time.

What came to mind yesterday was that I no longer choose to run away. Oh sure, there is edging away, looking away, yearning away, dreaming away; and there is awareness of a type of resolve that is based on being satisfied 92.3% of the time. The remaining 7.7% still need tending for harvest and storing. (Those percentages are for demonstration purposes only, reality, day to day, may reflect considerable variation in those numbers. They exist solely to provide a sense of movement, much like a distant mountain or island can give perspective or point of triangulation.)

Life is good. Some tell me there is a lot of change afoot (at hand?) in the world and that it may not be so. Generally my experience is that all change at some point doesn’t feel good and I suspect the reason it doesn’t feel good, is the intuitive sense that we really have no idea what will eventuate as the result of any change. For example. Spare change?

Not running, wanting too   and

Holding still within   confusion,

Deep fear, or joyful apprehension;   brings 

To mind elementary school   teachers’

Helmut pay   attention.