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My ancestor Charlemagne…

Or, Karl der Grose, as he is known in Germany.

Charles the First, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800 AD. Every European alive in Europe today is a descendant of “Chuck the Ace” (as I like to call him).

Every one in Europe today is related to everyone who lived in Europe 1,200 years ago. Genetics and probability attest to this.

Everyone alive in the whole world today is a direct descendant of everyone who was alive 1,600 BC.  And, here’s the interesting part, even though the amount of genetic material we all possess is vast it is finite, and at some time in the not too distant future, we will reach a point of ongoing in-breeding for the whole human race.

No matter what planets we travel to or what we bring to bear to this problem, our instruction booklet indicates we will arrive at a position from which there will be no more ‘triumphs’ for mankind. We’ll get smaller, stupider and more prone to diseases, with vastly reduced lifespans and become food for something we can’t escape from. The human genome is an enclosed system. Vast, but not at the Universal level.    

Somewhat humbling. Turns 

Out there is no “It” species.

We can relax a little. Maybe

Go a little easier on ourselves

And others, people and species.

The pressure is off

Maybe less striving is

In order. Time to chill, 

As the young ones say.

Indoors and Outdoors…

Have recently begun to explore actual possibility of finding a small house for me to live in, hopefully something with a small area for a workshop…As I’m looking I realize that I may be priced out of range of what I can actually afford, and I’m looking in what is considered an affordable area. So, reality check, and that’s always good.

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and tend to form views that may not be practical, on the other hand when I discover (one more time), that I’m seeing things foolishly; I tend to smile and realize (one more time), that’s OK. I tend to be adaptable and see most things as learning moments and after pummeling myself for a few minutes, or a day or two, depending; I get to move into my new reality and try and work from there.

Recently, I’ve have encountered several references to “doors”, choices or decisions that we may have placed before us. Although we may not know at the moment we have a choice but if we realize later that we had one, we can tend to think in terms of a door opening or closing and our choice having been one of stepping through, or not. Today, my thought is that the choice is always the same, door-wise, in the following fashion.

If something is true spiritually it should always be applicable in our life, as we live it.       If we go through a door to leave something, we have no way of seeing what we are entering into, we may have some ideas, but they rarely comport with eventual reality,  we are more concerned with getting out of something than what we are getting into.

If we are seeking for something “better’ we tend to open a variety of doors to see what’s on the other side, and then perhaps choose to step through and into something else.

So, it strikes me that it may be better to try and look for the door into something, rather than run to a door out of something. Yes, there are many exceptions and variations to this notion, but I suspect they are merely situational, and all situations are better being responded too rather than reacted too. (big quandary “to-do” not too do?).

Ultimately, running from, or running toward,

Would both benefit by slowing down a

Bit, or more than a tad…

I was once advised to make haste slowly

But, was way too young to comprehend.

I may be learning…