Monthly Archives: December 2022

Where to start?

My life is rich in many aspects. I have good friends, most on the same path I have been on for almost 40 years. Staying sober and growing spiritually; they go hand in hand.

I don’t alter my mind with substances and have been practicing Soto Zen Buddhism for almost as long as I’ve been sober. Life is not easy, and it’s not hard; between those two seeming opposites lies the heart of spiritual practice and sobriety. 

Each day presents an array of choices before me. The First Choice is to see the alternatives and act from that knowledge.

The Second Choice is to investigate potentials. What would tend toward the greater good? What is realistic and actionable?

The Third Choice is to be flexible. Can I adjust the direction or course I feel is best and am willing to act on? 

The Fourth Choice (but not the last), is always downstream. Can I fully accept the results of my decisions and see the whole process as a Teaching for my own Good?

I want this and not that,

My way is my comfort; All

My pain is the companion

Of comfort I wished for and

Got. Then some things Changed.

Been A While

I haven’t written or posted anything in a couple of months due to some health and apathy concerns…Some physical and a few ‘thinking’ issues needed to be looked at and remediated if necessary and possible. So, Doctors and medication, also stillness and meditation; in no particular order, rather as needed, were in order and sought.

A change has occurred physically and mentally, that seems to be inclining towards a solution and acceptance of some rather common aging issues that were fresh and new to me. So, doubt, worry and consternation were active as was the willingness to seek and engage in potential solutions to seeming problems. So far so Good.

I am healthier and more energetic than I’ve been in some years and feel like writing more and seeing where I can improve my understanding and awareness of myself in regard to how to approach the remaining time I have left as an aware being that is trying to communicate something, to some one, yet has no idea of what, or to whom.

So, I’ll leave it at that and start in tomorrow on an effort to learn more about communicating through written words, to others and myself; knowing I never learned how to write and regret that, but here I am trying it late in life, anyway.