Monthly Archives: November 2019

Can it teach the rocks and the trees…

After almost three months of discomfort that encompassed mental and physical pain, fear, doubt and worry in an astounding array,; I think I am on a smoother road.

I have often referenced one of my favorite quotes as being true wisdom and as such, has many levels. “I’ve never been really lost, but I’ve been bewildered a few times.” Daniel Boone.

I was totally bewildered, yet knew I was not lost, but rather had to cover some rough terrain to get my bearings again. And, so it went. The details are not relevant to the bloggy form, nor are they relevant in the sense of beautiful scenery experienced or horrible things seen.  (One does tend to have a keener memory of horrible things seen than beautiful things, but that is essentially determined by the state of ones “being”, while experiencing beauty or ugliness). What happened was this.

I saw, unfolding over time, a series of blind spots and mistaken apprehensions and some very painful true things regarding myself that were almost unbearable when first encountered, but, early one morning I saw them for what I had always said they were but had never known. They were teachings given to me through the activity, the universal life, of Compassion. I could see I had been turned away, looking over my shoulder, as I was walking backwards in the right direction.

In other words; right direction wrong way. Simple, easier, when one just faces in the direction of travel.

Nothing solved, no flag planted. That way!

Something got less difficult, not easier. There is a difference.

In the times when Lewis & Clark undertook their expedition of exploration. It was customary for parties heading out on long, presumably difficult journeys, to start the journey at noon on the first day. That way when they made camp for the first time they would find out what they had forgotten, or not planned for and send someone back to get what was lacking. So, it was just a short trip back for a few hours of well-trod trail to get what was necessary for rest of longer journey. There’s something about that which is a great teaching in any number of situations.

I offer merit to all who are traveling, or on a journey that may leave them vulnerable.

Homage to Ksitigarbha! The Earth-Store Bodhisatva (Jizo in Japanese), protector of the vulnerable: Women, children captive animals, travelers, prisoners and reality-challenged beings.