Beginning anew…

My first post on this new iteration of my old blog with same name. My general purpose, if any, will be to post thoughts and musings regarding daily life in the context of training in Buddhism (Soto Zen; Order of Buddhist Contemplatives).

My wife of 28 years died 5 months ago and after a hectic four months of pursuing an obsession I finally have arrived at a point where I am in a position to slow down and take stock of where, what, and why I will be doing the next thing that seems to be coming up in my life. In a little more than a month I will be moving back to Bay Area, and will live in our temple as a guest/lay trainee. During that time I wish to tighten up my training and explore the area in a way I’ve never known it before. A solitary man aged 67, with very few ties and and a small income and with lots of things to sort out, none of it awful or too complex on the surface. Time will tell.

I am fortunate to have good health and and no real encumbrances, I’m fairly sane and intelligent and have a deep spiritual longing. I’ve been sober for 31 years (21st June) and have a hope to meet a woman who is no crazier than I am, hopefully a Buddhist, and reasonably healthy and willing to explore sane cohabitation or committed proximity. I want to explore some artistic impulses that I’ve allowed to wither over the years and basically wish to live an ordinary daily life. The how of it will be the fodder for this blog.

More tomorrow’ Oh, I forgot. I do “schmoetry” which is my word for my poetry, such as it is.

We are all waking up together,

Some were restless during the night,

Some snored, some kicked, or were still

and dreamed peacefully; then awakened


maybe cowered in fear.

Yet, refreshed

When the light shines on all. Waking

Up together and seeing the day as



If we Allow.



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