Looking around…

I was sitting in my living room at some point recently and sort of musing at all the dissatisfaction I was experiencing and then I remembered, one of the little notes that I have a habit of writing to myself and then leave laying around as a reminder. This one says (just took the picture).

20140701_192715       So, I looked around and saw not only the shelter and food and clothing and “stuff” I have, but my good fortune in having so many friends and people with whom I can share my sorrows and my joys and my confusion; my life. I am one fortunate human being…and still I find my self discontented…and, all I have to do is look around.

I’m glad I’m so scattered that I have to leave myself notes, and I do and I read them and they work. Even more fortunate than I thought just a minute ago. Oh! Thank You!



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