when hot, be completely hot…

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave and of course all the small talk revolving around weather and to some degree (pun intended), the whole issue of Climate Change. In our community which sits in one of the six richest soil districts in the whole world. We are in the area known as the Palouse in Eastern Washington State, a mile from the Idaho border; definitely farm country but not hardscrabble by a long shot. Wheat, Peas and Lentils dry farmed. These farmers have it real easy, but not to hear them tell about it. In the ten years I’ve been here I have never heard a farmer express satisfaction with the weather. It’s just not in their genetic make-up. Anyway, one thing I do like about all the weather talk is that it is one topic that usually promotes agreement and consensus in opinion.

Some things we agree on.

Sure is a hot one today!

Yep! But good sleepin’ weather.

They say it’ll cool of come

Friday. Yeah! That’s what

I heard too, maybe even some

Rain by Monday. We sure

Can use it. Can’t hurt, long

As it’s not gullywashers

From a Buddhist perspective the agreement on all things constantly changing comes in just a few forms that we repeatedly see and often misinterpret. Weather, aging, health, wealth, jobs and children and neighbors and friends and enemies. the mis-interpretation begins when we assign outside conditions and causes to the observable phenomena of change; rather than looking at the phenomena in how it presents itself within us, throughout the day and throughout our lives.

In other words, there is no outside to the universe.    We are all in it.     Completely.

2 thoughts on “when hot, be completely hot…

  1. Ed Florence

    I heard once that “Universe” is one word made from two: Uni and Versa…that is, turning in one direction, or all turning at the same time, In other words, just as you describe. Very nice when, as you describe, we can agree, and on some level we know that we are all turning at the same time.


  2. hschatz1 Post author

    My test for a “truth”, is that the opposie has to be true also.. All is one. All is different. Nothing matters. Everything matters.



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