Soon I’ll have bit of a routine that I’ll get used to and just settle in more at the temple and just do the practice. I’ve made some good new friends and re-established some old friendships and have a growing confidence that I will learn what I need to learn from my sojurn to this part of the world and that the next step(s) will unfold and become apparent in due course.

I’m a little behind in keeping in touch with friends from Tekoa and other parts of country because I’ve felt a little like a traveller for the last six months or so, and so I have been of course, but there hasn’t really been a destination and that has been unsettling until I realized I’m not travelling as much as being in transit, from where to where is still not clear, but there certainly has been movement.

I’m learning some new things internally that have to do with accepting me as I am, moment to moment, and to drop my preconditions as to what constitutes an acceptable world, one suitable for The Great One, and all his(my) complex  wishes and wants.

Note to self:

Must drop dream of personal past;

Present description of self, and the

Future as it should be outcoming

For this wish and demand riddled,

Foolishly inclined and hope filled

Returner to the eternal Now. Where

Dreams and wishes become a puff

Of Golden smoke that wafts through

The air in This direction, and then That. 

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