That’s enough!

This Saturday we are having a memorial service for a long time temple supporter. He was a committed Catholic and a generous and enthusiastic participant in our Sangha. He never made a big deal about having his feet planted in two religions. He saw the deeper truths and that they applied to all religions. A life well lived and based on openness and generosity. He died gracefully. May you be at peace, wherever you are Larry.

I was listening to my internal litany of complaints the other day, that endless subtext scrolling across our minds 24/7. Usually in the back ground, thankfully; nevertheless it informs our relationship to the world and our interaction with it. We can change its tone, pitch, repetition rate, insistence and can, if we work at it, help convert that litany of complaint into one of gratitude.

That’s what happened for me the other day. Once again I had gotten caught up in a mental state of complaint. I then realized that 90 percent of the human population would gladly take on my complaints in exchange for theirs.

But, there is more, as they say on the kitchen gizzmo ads on TV.

The more was that my relationship to my complaints changed instantly into one of immense gratitude. It was based on this simple idea.

Only humans have the ability to discern the world as if there were some sort of lack in their lives, i.e. reason for complaint. That means I’m merely and magnificently human.

I am aware.

I can be more aware.

There is a larger context for my awareness.

I can change.

I will change whether I want to change or not.

I can participate in my change.

I have endless opportunity. Options.

The condition I live in may be hard or impossible to change,

but the condition of my mind can always be improved.

What a gift.

Content.   Sufficient.   Adequate.

That’s me.            That’s Enough.

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