Higher Power Binding…

To sit up straight in the presence of the Buddha’s and Ancestors.

That is a teaching which applies to the fact that we all make mistakes. Sometimes we make the same mistake over and over. We make those mistakes out of ignorance (not knowing), through habit patterns, yearning, insistence, wilfulness, greed, hate and delusion. Sometimes we make mistakes out of the notion that we are doing good, or a slightly misplaced sense of right vs. wrong. Whatever the motive for our mistake, it is just that a mistake. As spiritual adults we have the opportunity to recognize that we made a mistake and then can become willing to alter the climate/circumstance within which the mistake was made. We don’t have to go into self-condemnation or judgement. We don’t find it useful to go into the “drama” of the mistake. We just recognize that a mistake was made and that we need to look and see where we can improve and try not to repeat. We state our willingness to change, to ourselves and to those aspects of ourselves that we feel can help us. Yes, in a sense we talk to our selves.

Our higher Selves.

Our deeper Selves.

Those aspects of us that we strive to connect with when we want to establish, or re-establish, our connection to That From Which We Feel Disconnected.

You know, the Buddha Nature thing, the God thing.

That Thing.

That thing

The Higher Power.

It.  That Which Is!

Then, we work at changing.

The Latin root for the word Religion is, Re “Ligare”. To bind.

The same root for the words ligaments or ligature.


Re-Attach. Perhaps,

Grow back Together.

Lots of Capitals there.

For A Good Reason.

Smiley Face. (Yep, you read right. Smiley faces have Buddha Nature too.)

So, when we sit up straight in the presence of the Buddhas and Ancestors. We display our willingness to participate in the inevitable process of change towards the good. We are   showing our willingness to participate in this change towards the good (the Fewer Mistakes Way), this is in accord with the Five Laws of the Universe.

They are:

1.) The physical world is not answerable to my personal will.

2.) The Law of Change

3.) The Law of Karma is inevitable and inexorable

4.) Without fail evil (i.e.all manner of mistakes), is vanquished and

     good prevails; this too is inexorable.

5.) The intuitive knowledge of Buddha Nature.

All quite simple, and

Here’s the real beauty of it

All. It works on the biggest

Mistakes as well as the littlest.

How Sweet is That?

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