Contentment, Sufficiency and Adequacy…

I am in this wonderful spot of not knowing anything.

I have no real plans; my expectations are so limited that

I cannot give voice to them. My disappointments are so

Vaporous they never appear fully, and yet this is not a

Dream I’m living in. This is the nature of the

World, and of  my memories and desires, and wants and of

Perceived needs. Perceived mis-needs are like

Perceived mis-deeds.

They are simply mistakes, yes

Mis-takes on reality. Often I don’t see clearly. Until,

Until, I slow down Sufficiently and see the world as a Gift. Then

Contentment flows naturally, for I see the Adequacy in

All of life as it appears so naturally in this that I claim as


So many variations of perception. So many interpretations of what is real and what is worthwhile. One’s head does, and should, spin. Yet, if I make the choice to sit by myself for just a few minutes each day and display my willingness to just see, not judge, a slight clarity develops.

If I were to have been raised in a a big cardboard box that allowed no light in, and I lived there for 67 years I would naturally base all of my life on the knowledge I gained in the darkness. If however, a pinhole appeared, somehow; in that box, letting in a tiny amount of light, my whole world would be different. I would have a brand new context for all of my previous understanding of the world I live in. That pinhole is the few minutes I attend in sitting by myself each day.

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