gone awhile…

I was gone awhile. Incommunicado. Out of touch.

A fog of which I was unaware, because I was in it, lifted.

The fog existed because I harbor ideas of finding out how’s and why’s and the reasons for things. I want resolving, resolution (Like the Beatles great song “Resolution”.), I want closure (what a dreadful word). Things tied up in an acceptable package. Which, as it turns out, once again; is very different from accepting things as they are.

So, there I was.

What to do?

Nothing. Wait. Things unfold.

That I can be aware of the unfolding and learn from it is another matter.

So far I see several things.

I’m mistaken at times and I assume that those mistakes are the best response that the situation calls for and that my response was the best I could do. The problem lies in my clearly seeing what the best response was.

If I don’t see that clearly then the best I can do is usually off, at least a little.

All of that comes back full circle to a point where I never saw the situation clearly.

So, life is quite simple and subtle all at the same time.

The simpler I keep it the

Less subtle it has to be.

1 thought on “gone awhile…

  1. Ed

    Welcome back, Helmut! I suspect that when the fog lifted you may have found that the boat was still tied to the dock. How’s that for enigmatic!



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