Comma entry…

This little mind leaps and plays and, jumps and whoops and hollers, and goes wandering and wondering about this, and that;

encountering joy and grief and, contentment and sorrow, with and without understanding and swimming in, yesterday and tomorrow; at times the play leads to the edge and there are slips and falls, and landings, that hurt and break, yet teach, and on it jumps, and whoops and hollers;

the process of reform, unrefined and unbound and, knowing and not knowing, coming and going standing and sitting sleeping and, tossing and turning crying and laughing, affirming and, negating knowing the seeing of wish, and dream and the real and the apparent are, like a belt being cinched in its buckle;

necessary and practical, and useful, effort required, but with repetition the habit takes no real energy away, from any other doing’s that things, require.

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