Future has arrived, and now?…

(A) a smallish apology to self and others (those few who view this nattering), and a thank you for your nice comments at times. The previous post was literally written in a haze. A haze of fever and fatigue due to some flu-cootie coursing through this body and mind thus making life and perception very interesting for a few days. As is often true, if I’m willing to see, there was a lot of teaching in the illness. One piece of that was a clarity within the haze that was not neatly expressible by this natterer and pecker(er) of keyboards. So, having said that, I now venture to say this:

I am going to offer a simple explanation of a common misperception that has a lot of truth in it but misses some vital information. I’m going to use my limited knowledge of how a computer works and how a human being works and see if I can make sense of something that niggles at me in various ways in various situations, all of them requiring (or begging for), a larger context.

All humans are wired exactly the same!

The actual schematic varies because we are all custom built!

The actual build varies because of slightly different needs by the Apps we run!

We all run Basic Apps from the great App Store!

No one App-mixture is exactly like Another! 

When two identical Apps appear, they are still on separate machines (twins), so Different!

Many of the Apps come with the Basic Model (OS), many more are downloaded for Free!

Others come at a cost (often to be determined later)!

The simplest can be easy/difficult to run, depending on Configuration, in Relation, to others.

The basic system, Always needs Updating. The apps (new and old), Always need Updating.

We (OS + System), have a built in Algorithm (Choices), that allows an outside View of our Selves!

That, is the mechanism (or OS), built in, by which we access Outside, Unknown (as yet), Input!

We can call that the Higher Power, The Force, That Which Is, God, The Eternal, The Unborn!

We, have a Choice!

To use, or not.

Seeking outside, or inside, the Self –  is always a volunteer


System overload🙂

1 thought on “Future has arrived, and now?…

  1. Midge

    Okay, I want a Helmut App. I too want to meander, explore and dive. You are the weaver of context, my friend.



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