Viewpoint ahead…

Yesterday evening there was a beautiful sunset in North Eastern Oregon, gorgeous yellow to orange, offset with blue then purplish sky. Lovely.

Except for the fact that just 70 miles to the West there was a huge brushfire filling the air with particulate matter and worrying a lot of people who lived in the area of the fire plus shutting down an Interstate highway for hours.

So, several phenomena intersect; fire, particulate matter suspended in atmosphere, sunlight refracted into different part of spectrum due to matter in air, etc:

My viewpoint, and that of the people impacted by the fire more directly, gave us entirely different experiences of the same event. None of those events were particularly unusual in and of themselves. Yet…

Differences in viewpoint, which means location and distance; results in an entirely different experience.

Everything I experience through my senses comes me through an ever-changing combination of filters and “lenses”. It is literally impossible for two of us to have the same experience, of anything.

Yet, we try to see 

Things as they are.

That is a very 

Wonderful thing.

What makes it all

The more precious

Is our need to share,

To agree that what we 

See, and feel, are all

The same; Thus we can

Connect to That Which Is,

Apparent to all born,

A Parent to All borne.

Wonderful, in deed.

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