A small prematurely born foal, now five days old, is starting to connect and interact with

The world around it.

Born in a stream of cold water in a pasture at 6 a.m. barely able to hold his head up out of the Water, he had a rough beginning.

He’s so small he often walks under his mother and while looking for milk he is sprayed by it, sooner Or later he finds the source.

Today he finds the source readily and is poised for good things to happen to him; perhaps they will, Perhaps not.

But, he will fulfill his purpose irrespective of what his future life is like. His purpose was to come Into being, and that he has done.

The same holds true for all of us. at some point millions of years from now a small striation of Carbon based material will be all that is left.

All our efforts, civilizations, striving, straining, losing, attaining, loving, hating, being loved, being Hated, and all the spaces between those seeming opposites there will be no trace and 

Earth will Be just a little older, continuing on. So why even try?

Well, because its what we do. It is all very simple. Born in order to clarify a small movement 

Made aeons ago that set into motion, This.

Yet, I have to floss.

It’s very helpful if I pee, eat, digest, divest, breathe and speak and care and go

And walk, and sit, and stand as occasion may demand.

This eating and digestion are as great as the miracle of

Birth Itself, because without the eating and

Digestion there would only be birth.

No poems. No laughs, no tears, no little foals born in dire straits pulled from water and nurtured outside the

Womb by beings who just Care.

Big picture future has no regard for humans, yet we must go and

Care Fully.


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