Journey of a lifetime…

The distinct aroma of the Autumn is already apparent in this Inland Northwest area. I was gone three days visiting further North and in three days the foliage in this area of high plateau surrounded by 8,000+ foot(feet?) high mountains, was changing. We’re in that time of year with the rapid shortening of the days (2-3 minutes less daylight each day), for a while, which then levels out for the Equinox, then  plummets for another while, and then, finally, my favorite day of the year; the first day of Winter and days start getting longer again.

The original meaning of the word journey had to do with the travels of the Sun across the sky. Every morning the Sun was released from the captive grip of darkness and travelled on only to return to its captor the God of darkness. Maybe the original Good news/Bad news scenario as it was played out by the Gods of Greek and Roman myth.

In any case, the word addresses several formulations of thought, belief and actuality.

Each day begins anew , yet returns to its source.

It, the day, begins in the East and ends in the West;

Constant movement that even to the most

Unsophisticated observer had to induce a 

Sense of circle or cycle. Continuity.  All is one, and yet,

All is different.  The Sun rises and we may see this

Yet, we may not see it set. It moves, we may not stay.

We may see it set, but never again see it rise.

We move, it stays.

Did the sense of time begin while waiting in

A tree for daylight to arise and the wolves below to dis-

Appear? In the journey we get both closer and

Farther, to and from, the place we’re going and by

Which we come. Each days’ evil is sufficient

There onto, and the good we do lives on.


Care fully!


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