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A young middle-class elk family /herd came into the pasture next to the young geldings in the upper pasture. Much nervousness for a bit, but everyone settled in. Then a portion of the morning having a nice Cappuccino at Arrowhead Chocolate, the world-class Chocolatier in Joseph, OR with a conversation about the pleasures and difficulties of this whole Zen/Buddhist practice of merely overcoming some basic, deeply ingrained unhelpful habits ,that we are all subject to developing. Then, on to some wood-stacking for Winter at Wallowa Buddhist Temple. Later, a nap in the Autumn-sunny couch and finding a free way to listen to S.F. Giants broadcast on the radio via computer; turns out too be station in Redding, CA. They should start winning now and maybe make the wild-card playoffs just because I’m listening. They should also be sending me a small remittance every year or so (I think). If they win the pennant I’ll send them a copy of this so they’ll be aware of my influence. My listening is vital to their success. I think.

I fed the horses their evening portion of alfalfa, and the Breakfast Cats’ will get their snack in a few minutes after I ring the bell on my front porch and offer incense to all beings.Then I’ll turn off the game for a while and sit quietly during that while. Then, some light dessert and more ball-game radio. Life is good, if you don’t give up.

How many times did I try to throw away my life?

What a fool, but here I am. If it were not for the

Discarding attempts through selfish uncare, that

Elk family would not be seen by These eyes. Hommage

To the Buddha,

Homage to the Dharma,

Homage to the Sangha.




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