I’m hip, but I ain’t cool…

The morning after. Oh, boy. My head doesn’t hurt. I’m awake and functioning and my body doesn’t ache more than is normal for someone 69 years and, soon, one day older. The only thing I overdid yesterday was the sugar intake and some conversational outflow. Nothing too startling there. I must say it was nice to get birthday wishes from the people I have Facebook connections with. It was cheerful. There are so many ways we connect and interact through these new technologies ( I have to remind myself when I get on a grump about the newfangledness of it all, that books, just 500 years ago, were the new technology.), that are quite positive. Naturally, they have the negative potentials contained as well, but…

I spent the day eating, yacking, napping, lounging, visiting with the animals and after a partial morning at the temple I just stayed home revelling in the fact that, because I’m not dead; I have a full life. Sounds simplistic, but…

There’s some strong cases to be made for my being dead several times over by the time I was 35 years old, for real. But because of circumstances that caused me to look up, and ask for help, everything started to change.  Change came about in direct proportion to my willingness to accept all the various helps that were offered and, to involve myself willingly in their beneficence. That was harder than common sense might suggest. I was very obdurate in my singleness of ignorance and mis-purpose. The good news was that once we open up, just the least little bit; something starts to flow. Whether we adapt ourselves to that change of reality is where the rubber meets the road and ultimately determines if we come to a skidding stop, or regain control of the vehicle and adjust ourselves to the condition within, and outside, the vehicle.

This vehicle has my name and even though I am of the mind, at times, that I’m the one who built this vehicle and know a lot about it; all it takes is a few minutes of sitting still, by myself, looking at a wall and seeing the swirl of conflict within this Self, that I’ll realize…Not only is there a lot going on that I don’t comprehend, I don’t need to. I can just sit still  within this swirl.   Not a problem.   Difficult, yet…

Continued awareness will bring about

Understanding, and that is a few

Steps past comprehension.

Yesterday’s understanding was,

Again, that the natural goodness and

Kind-ness of Us is one god particle

Reaching back to touch, in a small

Reassuring way, the forces that impell

Us to become Us in This life, which we

Can understand, but may never comprehend.

And that’s OK, by me. For you. Thanks.

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