commas & propellers

Listening to the World Series on my computer, no regular radio that would carry it in this neck of the woods so I’m grateful for modern technology. Also grateful for ancient technology like writing and reading. We never know how something will evolve over time after being set in motion for one purpose or reason, it can change into something entirely different. Many modern objects were the result of modifying an invention that initially had a much different purpose than the usefulness we find in it now.
Humanities greatest asset might be the drive to look at something and then try and improve it.
We all do it throughout our lives. A better way to mechanize an activity, improve a process, refine a standard way of operation, improve that other person who we have an interest in, but is a little lacking in some areas; or more commonly, to improve ourselves (the circumstance of our daily lives), or Our Selves (that inner sense of lack when compared to the outward appearance of others). And, like so many assets, at some point, over time, they can become liabilities.

I’m guessing, that the reason most airplanes have propulsion units on their wings is because after a certain size that’s the only way they can get off the ground and the reason they don’t have a 5th propeller on the nose like a smaller plane is because it is not necessary; but, I’ll bet donuts to dollars (yes), that somewhere there are lots of airplane designs, mostly (I presume) unbuilt, that called for extra propellers; and naturally, one of them then became the helicopter.

Extra propellers are, well, like, extra commas. Somebody, somewhere, thought they were a good idea; ya know?
Same goes for semi-colons; so, the problem often ends up with people who have more propellers, or more commas than they can effectively use, and are no better than they were before they started to improve, either themselves, or the other person; but, they look different, and that has to count for something, right?
There it went, one of my current pet peeves and something that needs to change. In way too many conversational exchanges one person says something that seems a pertinent or a true observation and the other person responds with. “Yeah, Right?”
That phrase (I’m guessing here), is called a sub-conjunctivitic confabulumn. Yeah, Right?

Oh, well.

We are,
      none of us,
Nor imperfect.
We can
Work with
What we
Self improves
Blind eye
seeks its
Self.  One,                                        

Need not


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