Slice of pie, a la mode

I have always thought it a good idea to be humble and act with humility. I’m proud to say that, on occasion, I may have approximated either a humble act or a sense of humility; but, I’m not positive about that.

I have however, felt humiliated any number of times. Especially during the times leading up to sobriety and a fair number of times in the ensuing years. In musing on these things this morning I realized that the difference between humility and humiliation is that one tends to approve of humility and also have strong antipathy to being humiliated, so far so natural. But, what I thought today was that the difference between these states of being/feeling is that we seek and try to cultivate humility (i.e. being humble), but hate being in situations were we feel we are being forced into learning something that may be humbling to us.

When the opportunity to be humble is presented in the form of a seemingly “outside” situation or circumstance, I tend to bristle, complain, argue, behave petulantly, and have even fought at times; rather than see the circumstance as a confluence of events that may be for my own good. A teaching moment, yet in resistance I call it humiliation.      The unwanted.

No, no, not Now!

Oh, god! Not now!!

Arghhhhh!!!                          Humiliation.

Acceptance of

Things as they are.  

What is good to know?

What is good to do?            Humility.

Hope for the best.

Expect nothing.

Do the possible.

How can I help?                   Humble.


1 thought on “Slice of pie, a la mode

  1. Edward F Florence

    Humility…the word starts off just like Human…It’s easy to be proud of humility, but seems like I just want to hide my humiliation. If I am proud of one state of mind and ashamed of another am I missing something? Is humble pie a dessert, a main course, an appetizer? Its all in my humble opinion.



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