2X7.3 Billion…

I was talking with a close friend recently and part of the conversation drifted into the current political brouhaha.

Several observations in regard to all that.

One.                                                                                                                                                          I had placed myself into a position of having a good reasonable take on the Situation; Historically, politically, psychologically, culturally, economically, spiritually, societally and everywhichwayally. What I had failed to notice is that there has been, since recent political change was made manifest on Jan 22 ’17, an uneasiness in my stomach. A gut feeling of dis-ease, yet I didn’t or couldn’t acknowledge that, due to my lofty perspective and insights I had placed myself in the position of being clear on outside conditions, but deluded about how much they internally affected me.

Two.                                                                                                                                                          I tend to believe/opine that my views of the world are practical and pragmatic and therefore sufficient as response to uncomfortable visceral feelings within myself and for others.

Three.                                                                                                                                                        I and most of my friends are around 70 years old…


It is believed that in the whole history of mankind on this Earth there have lived a total of 7+ billion humans in aggregate total. There are now about 7 billion humans alive on this Earth. Seems that bout 14 billion, and change, human beings have ever existed from whenever ’til now.

I’m going to guess that out of that 14+ billion humans, maybe about 600 million have been fortunate enough to not only live at the height of empire, but lived in greater advantage than most who lived at those heights of Empires. Not to mention the billions who existed as the contrasts to “height of Empire” or were the victims of Empire.

I was born in1947 and our empire was in rapid ascendancy at the end of WWII.  During these last 70 years we have established military post in almost two hundred countries at different times; that’s an empire. We are an empire, the biggest and most powerful ever.

All of us well educated, well pampered, well fed, well sported, well re-creationalized, well cultured, well credit-carded and “monetized” and well indebted; now sense that things may be changing and falling apart.

And,  we don’t like it.

The reason we don’t like it is because it seems to be just happening. Some outside agency or force has put us into this “position” How dare they!?

We are they.

We are reaping the karma we have sown as a nation, as a culture, as a society and as good and well intentioned people who trusted and didn’t question and didn’t speak up because of fear, doubt and worry; as we were turned, with our acquiescence, into a nation of consumers, not citizens; Into a culture of voters, not constituents.

We seem to have squandered many opportunities and the cumulative feeling is a queasiness and dis-ease.

However, I see this as the good news.

I can look within myself and see what it is I am holding on too so tightly that I’m loosing my perspective in regard to the actuality of this world and 14+ billion who have been and are, us.

This very world    this life (!)

At this time(!),       affirms (!)   by

All it shows(!)        and makes

Possible(!)              Everything(!)

I have only to         be still

To look up(!)           and see

The Sun is gone,      Oh(!)

           No it’s not(!)

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