New conditions, old answers…

I  assume that I’m feeling what many others who are not affected directly by this particular storm  (Harvey) are feeling.

How does one help in a disaster of this proportion?

What can I do?

At what point is a situation overwhelming and can’t be fixed by volunteers and boats and shelters and food and water and a dry place to sit down and rest?

This is not a 500 year event.  Not if we project outward from now.

This is not something we can rally behind and make better and then, in ten or fifteen years down the road,  point to as just one more example of the pluck and can-do spirit of Houstonians, Texans, Americans, North-Americans, Western-Hemispherians, or Humans-in-General.

Although rallying is good and natural, it is not the answer. It’s a temporary reaction to something that is actually pointing out that our best thinking has gotten us to this point, and perhaps, it’s time to change how we think.

I happen to believe it is more effective to live one’s way into a new way of thinking; rather than try to think one’s way into a new way of living.

People who live in monsoon prone areas tend, as a group, to not expect “the authorities” to manage or make better the conditions within which they live. Chances are that anyone who lives in those areas becomes accustomed to dealing on a personal/neighborhood/family level with huge weather events that occur with debilitating frequency, and a regularity.

I feel especially helpless in this instance because I believe that this type of event will become the new normal. Of course that may not happen, but I assume the odds at betting parlors around the world (regarding the percentages and probabilities that are quantifiable), are not good in this sphere of prediction.

Hence, the helplessness. We may all be at edge of a dream we’ve indulged in, having believed it as endless. The alarm has been going off for a while and the snooze button is no longer viable.

So, how can I help? Yes, there are charities (good to research first), and there are many practical things one can engage in that are beneficial and are “being in the solution rather than being in the problem“; and all of those activities have to do with daily life. They vary slightly for everyone.

I have to become more responsible. (Respond-able)

I, and only I, can examine my attitudes and practices towards all life on this planet and its sustainability, and be willing to make changes.

I, and only I, can change my habitual choices and see which one’s must change in order to address the larger issue.

I, and only I, can make a decision to live more in accord with, and less harmfully impact, my environment and fellow beings

I, and only I, can decide to not judge others on how they comport themselves in this world. Others are not the problem. We all share the same responsibility. (Hating hate is still hate.) When options appear, the human tendency is to act in accord with what is good.

I, and only I, can ask for help for myself and for all other beings. I need not specify the type of help, or to whom, or to what. Just asking is a powerful activity and can be done anywhere, everywhere and at any or all times.

I and only I, can step forward and ask, “How can I help?”

I, and only I can say, “I am willing!”


Something always responds 

When sincere question arises.

Question is not supplication,


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