Teachers, doctors and students…

The Earth has a sickness. Some of its cells are attacking the host and there’s nothing going wrong.

It is what it is.

There’s the Earth. There’s the cancer. The Earth may get sick for a while as its natural healing powers come into play, or it may get really sick over a long period of time and die sooner than the average Earth. Then again, it may just be going through a flu sort of infestation and just be miserable for a period of time, feeling sick and having digestive issues, high fevers, chills, generally feeling puny and then slowly bounce back and go back to work. I think it has the flu.


I think humans wouldn’t have the flu if we didn’t eat other creatures. My understanding is that the flu virus’ vector of swine, fowl and humans is necessary in order to thrive and become problematic, at times reaching  pandemic distribution. It seems that interaction would not occur commonly if we didn’t raise pigs and fowl to eat, because without the set- up of humans, birds and pigs living in very close proximity; the table wouldn’t be set (so to speak), for a Planetary-Flu-Virus-Graduation Party.   I’m just saying.

Frankly I don’t know how things would or could be different than they are. We are the Virus and our vectors are greed, hate, delusion and the Earth needs to rest and naturally sweat and purge for a while. I bet we won’t be comfortable with the medicines or the healing process.

So, what’s the point of it all? I’m sure lots of folks have opinions as to cause, effect and possible outcome of this illness.

On a slightly separate note;

I’ve cherished an opinion for some time that in a Student/Teacher relationship the only one that really matters is the student, because a good student will learn from a bad teacher, but an indifferent student won’t learn much from a great teacher. Unless, that great teacher can use a variety of skillful and sometimes vivid ways of motivating the poor student.


Earth, great teacher.

Humans, indifferent students.

Motivation. Coming up!


1 thought on “Teachers, doctors and students…

  1. LopLover

    Great minds think alike! I’m actually in the process of writing a novel (that I’ll probably self-publish on Kindle, so nobody can send me rejection letters) part of which posits a wise alien race that may or may not choose to help humanity finish its’ self-destruction. The first thing we do that makes us unworthy of joining the Wise Species Community or whatever they call it is our habit of eating beings very similar to ourselves. It’s bad form and IMHO, is the single largest factor contributing to our warlike ways, another of our vices. (Lying is the third, just so you know!)

    I just always figured that if aliens were advanced enough to travel among the stars, they’d be unlikely to invade us. Their continued survival and technological prowess should prove that they had advanced beyond our need for constant warfare. To make that leap, it seems they would have to have stopped killing and eating sentient beings. JMHO.

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