Raucous definition…


It’s been some months since I posted anything and there doesn’t seem to be a hole or tear (as in Tare not Teer), in the Universal Fabric as a result. That’s comforting. One less thing to worry about. I’ve been debating whether or not to continue with this drivel for a long time (years and yet persist), since there doesn’t seem to be much need, use or reason for doing this.

I’ve spent a few weeks doing voice recordings on my walks or long drives, but that also seems rather pointless, why and for who?

I suppose at some level it satisfies or addresses in some fashion some personal karma/drive to “express” myself, but to what end?

I enjoy reading what others have written and at some point I must have gotten a notion that what I write might be of interest, amusing, informative, mildly thought provoking or funny, or perhaps an oblique view of some small aspects of life that arise. 

I like talking to people more than listening, but I am a good listener when I think the situation warrants it. And, that may be the crux of my quandrina (tiny quandry), about why, and for what reason does one talk or write. I know to communicate: but why? My experience and observation is that most “communication’ is unnecessary, purely self-serving (double-down on unnecessary), and mostly a waste of time. For sender and receiver.

Let’s talk about Politics. The Climate? Reality? Weather? Whether? Or not? Where does it end? No Where, that’s where. 

So, having babbled all that I decided to renew my WordPress do-hickey for another year. Apparently I have money to waste. Who knew?

I have had a few interesting months though, I think. Therefore, I am going to tell you that I may be growing up a bit and and getting past some landscape that’s been my horizon for a long time. I may, in a small way, be wising-up to reality. And, it’s not all that comforting, but it is less draining than wishing, hoping, yearning and wondering.

Just for today, my reality is that everything in this world, as constituted is O.K. just the way that it is. 

Nothing is fixed. 

Nothing is permanent

Every Thing will Become.

No Thing Dies or Stays.

But, there is a lone turkey 

Mother in the field with her 

Chicks about three days old.

A rabbit I rescued Easter

Morning and the raucous 

Magpies and Super loud

Quail getting through 

Their day, communicating

Something, to some




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