Vivid colors and grey…

Where Buddhist training and the regular world meet is right here because there is no difference.

It takes a regular world to have room for a “spiritual” life, it also has to have room for the variations of, un, anti, quasi, semi, and faux;  affixations to that word.

It takes the development of a time-tested spiritual outlook, and practice to realize that it needs to be firmly rooted in the “regular” world. Because without the mundane, there is nothing to sanctify and nobody to do it and then no need for any of it. But there is a need, it seems.

Much of the last five years I’ve been uncomfortable, seven addresses during that time is a sound indicator of something; However with the discomfort there has also been fair amount of facing, and bare looking at, those discomforts. All in all, a vital time.

The other day, all I did was take a walk with someone that became friend during the walk and the talk. Some ideas and ways of looking at things were brought down from some shelf and let out for a little air.

Why store stuff if you ain’t gonna use it again? I think we all know that one pretty well.

It was a good thing to do and I didn’t plan it. Some other small coincidences have started cropping up in my life and there’s a small sense of freshness in outlook and karmic unfolding. Very curious. Also curious is an opening up and something taking root more firmly in an understanding of some basic everyday verses and teachings that we use in Zen.

The Kesa Verse:

“How great and wondrous are the clothes of enlightenment, formless and embracing every treasure. I wish to unfold the Buddha’s teaching that I may help all living things”

The Three Pure Precepts:

“Cease from evil

Do only good

Do good for others.”



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