Ramble in the bramble…

Nothing exists by itself. There is no such thing as “stand alone”.

Inter-dependence is often used in a context of one thing helping another, this can certainly be true, perhaps there is a slightly deeper meaning which relates to more than just helping but the necessity of things just plain old depending on each other.

We can look at a pile of stones at the bottom of a cliff and think something akin to inter-dependence, but it’s easy to leave out the water that coursed through for perhaps millennia and created the cliff. That water has changed into vapor and dew and lakes and ponds and even an ocean or two,  while the cliff and its rocks transform a tad more slowly, not one atom in the water, or the cliff, leaves the Universe. 

Depending, over time? 

Nature isn’t There. 

It’s Us.

Moving at the speed of light.

1 thought on “Ramble in the bramble…

  1. LopLover

    Nothing can be made or destroyed; it can only change form. I saw a cartoon the other day that demonstrated that. First something was grass, then it was eaten by a cow, and came out the other end as cowshit, which eventually, with water and time, fertilized the ground and became grass again. The picture was better, but you probably get my drift. Hey, that’s a good way to think of the parts of our civilization that seem to be following a path of destruction. It’s only energy, that will appear in another guise at some point. With just a little less madness, we can hope.



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