Liminal and Limnal…

              A friend asked me via text a question about Liminal experience, and this was my response.

               “So, to be aware of a transition, of whatever sort, always has some relevance. But, from the context of my spiritual life, the purpose of being still is to slowly, over a period of time (days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes?), experience the process of change as being being the only constant, real and philosophical, in the Universe. God is, in the vast sense, Change. That process, as observed more and more minutely lets us see that, even as we sit still, we change. It’s not a big deal, although the Biggest, and we shouldn’t get caught up in the wonder of it all, by the time you’ve realized you are in a liminal moment (as opposed to “limnal’ which means you’re next to body of water:), the light from a star 100,000 billion light years away will reach the Earth that night for the first time.
So, getting caught up in ‘moments’ and ‘experiences’ and ‘feelings’ and ‘thoughts’ and ‘ideas’ about this and that, also has to be let go of. We just sit still and then arise and go about doing that what needs doing, which is right in front of us.
Always asking “What is good to do? What is good to know? Please help”.

                  I once had a “dream” that I was standing in a vast meadow that stretched from horizon to horizon in very direction and I was standing next to a gate on a wooden split-rail fence that stretched from the horizon of my left, all the way out of sight to my right. I opened the gate by lifting the loop of rope that held it closed, swung it away to open and stepped through. Nothing changed except I was on the other side of the fence. It was a big revelation.

I once had the following experience next to a Lake; it was limnal.
Reveal:  To open up to view,
Instruction not called for,
Investigation not needed.

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