sunrise, sunset, cheer-up…

I’ve always been partial to the old saying that The Sunrise does not guarantee the Sunset. Life is unpredictable and there’s nothing we can actually count on in certainty.

It’s not exactly a comfort saying, but one that can come in handy when we are trying to sympathize or emphasize with a problem that another person may be having; ranging from the death of a loved one to the sudden interruption of a planned event. In other words, stuff that happens and leaves us vulnerable, disappointed or at loose ends. Because the sun comes up one day we won’t be around to see it set. No exceptions. (There must be a loophole, let’s put our heads together and think about this…Off to the races).

We have been given a free, seemingly endless resource, called time and most of us piss it away like there are endless tomorrows. I know that I can waste it by all the increments we’ve assigned to it; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and sadly, years.

It all starts with the tiny trickle of those almost imperceptible seconds. Next thing one knows one is old or worse yet, older than one thinks they are.

So here I am, and have regrets.

Today, I have another day like always and have another choice. I can slow my flow into the future by being purposeful in how I expend my self. I don’t require meaning. The search for meaning, to me, is a fools errand, so I’m finding purpose in trying to be more care-full in the why’s and the how’s I do anything.

If its worth doing deliberately, intentionally (i.e. thought through), and slowly, then that’s a state of being. Paying heed to how I am, and how I do is the way for me to change from mere ‘doing’ into being.

Into action and into perpetual motion are not the same activities

Currently it seems we have more time on our hands and an opportunity to explore the implications of that; Gift? Problem? Curse? All three intertwining? Who knows? Here we are.

I’m not good at change and may never be but I am willing to change course, ever so slightly.

When we send a rocket at the moon we don’t ‘shoot it’ at the moon, we send it up and then start guiding it incrementally towards the goal. Minute changes in direction with some constancy of effort.

Tonight when I go to bed I will wake tomorrow one day closer to my death, whenever that will be. Within all of that is a constant presentation of choices. Whether I make  a decision out of fear, love, indifference or for any reason I proclaim, it’s always a choice.

Dang! Note to self!

“Must go to moon tomorrow!

But, slowly!”

2 thoughts on “sunrise, sunset, cheer-up…

  1. Fred Hess

    Thank you and bless you, your thoughts and action help me in my journey Recently fractured left arm two places, broke left knee cap, in skilled nursing facility noe doing therapy, which is me relearning to use facility that I’ve had all along,, good to hear from you, Fred H, alameda


    1. Helmut Post author

      Dang Fred, I’m sorry to hear you’re all stove in. I hope that you are getting the support you need in all ways. I’ll put out the word to a couple of our temples and add you to their ‘Transfer of Merit’ boards, can’t hurt to have a bunch of Zen monks offering merit to you. I will as well. If you want I’ll message you my number or vive-versa and we can catch up a little. All of us suddenly seem to be able to have time for conversation, yours situation a little more uncomfortable and fraught (as they say), but still; we all are trying to find a bit of ease, not from it, but within it all. Salut friend!



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