there is no Extra ordinary…

Going to Sandpoint today for the meditation group meeting. A chance to say goodbye to a wonderful group of sincere trainees. They were great supports when Linda was ill and dying and after she died. The Sangha Treasure is a real entity, not just and activity. They are a core group of about seven dedicated people pursuing Zen training and the reality of living the Buddhist life, I think all seven of them have taken the Precepts. That is no small thing! I think of them and my heart is glad; two words sum them up: Good folks. Period. He exclaimed!

On another note, early morning in bed and sensing the change that is going on right now. A new freedom. Release from a delusion. Relief from a preoccupation. Complete willingness to just leave alone and allow the world to do what it does best; to just go on. Sad, grown-up joy. True love.

Early morning, or the

Middle of the night, A

Thought arises from the

Hara, true to the heart and

suffused with Love, I can

See. I can accept. This is.

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