Blowing Zen…

Todays struggle was to not spin out. Just keep doing that which seems good to do and not let expectations arise in a form that is not helpful. So far so good. I put to rest a yearning when I learned that there was no way for it to be realized. So far so good.

I am reading a book called “Blowing Zen” by Ray Brooks about his journey to Zen through taking up the Japanese bamboo flute called Shakuhachi. Very good read and informative. I’ve been listening at night to an album of Zen Shakuhachi healing music, that I had originally played for Linda during her last decline and now I listen to it as I fall asleep. The cat and dog both like it as well. I do have my cat available for adoption, but no takers yet. She’s a truly great cat and I’m getting a little worried. We’ll see.

My karma and my cat’s karma are like her gravity and my gravity.

The same and similar in many ways, but experienced differently.

When I board an airplane, I am in a planeload of people with whom

I share some karma; If that plane crashes, it’s still that karma, and,

Very different;   yet,      the same and similar              in many ways.



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