2014-09-14 13.28.54

As far as the eye can see, 200,000 people showed up a block from the temple for the Solano Ave. Stroll. If you look real close you’ll see me about twelve blocks down the street, waving. Oh, Wait! That can’t be me. I’m taking the picture.

Lots of nice people out for a Sunny stroll. Kids with their faces painted. Young women with temp henna tattoos and groups of young men trying to look cool and unconcerned about, anything. Lots of rock, jazz and soul bands with 50-somethings (to be kind),dancing by themselves in some re-creation of an ancient (70’s), festival they may, or may not, have been at. Plenty of food and snacks and police and potties and emergency personnel, and lot’s of room to just Stroll; with the odd baby-carriage log-jam as young parents stop to admire each others babies, and each other for having the wisdom to have babies born into a (for now), fortuitous circumstance. Ahhh, youth and the unending brightness of the future. Yet, the worry is there, because it is becoming clearer that we may not have all the answers to some real concerns that loom just a tad past the brightness.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful day and that can never be changed.

What we can change though is the way the future plays out, by how we do things today, after all, the future is just another way of saying tomorrow, and that’s almost here.

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the people I can’t change;

The Courage to change myself, and

The Wisdom to know the difference.

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