Woke up early this morning to the refreshing sound of rain, A real rain. It continued for several hours. The drought here is taken in stride by most people since there isn’t a whole lot you can do about drought. However,you can do something about how you relate to the conditions that a drought brings on; but the drought is a drought.

I’ve a similar experience with my personal drought. I’ve had to work at relearning how to correctly relate to the conditions of my life. The conditions being all those things that  comprise the daily ins and outs and ups and downs of life. How do I get the correct perspective on those conditions? For me, the most helpful things is to notice two things: One, that no matter what the condition is, pleasant or unpleasant, it will change. Two, that most conditions are merely information upon which I have a huge array of choices as regards action, or non-action.

The same is true of weather reports. They are just information, on which, most of it I don’t really have to react or respond to, too vigorously, if at all. So, as I get more and more information about the weather in my life and how I respond to it, I begin to build a picture of the CLIMATE wherein I exist/live. This becomes very useful information because I’m the one who has created the climate of my life by how I respond to the weather in it.

Yeah. I know. Typical tortured metaphor, but then I never metaphor I didn’t like. Or a really cheap pun, as it turns out.

Anyway, life is interesting again in an engaging way and it should be an interesting Winter.

These next few weeks I’m going to actively start looking for a place to live, short-term until late Spring, at which point I think I’ll know more as to decision regarding where I want to invest my energy and life. At  this point I haven’t a clue but I’m still very drawn to the Inland Northwest, and that’s a lot of room.

I’m feeling wave-tossed

And a bit windblown.

Floating and circling

Around the center of

My life, mind and heart.

What does that mean?

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