Ships in the night…

Preparing this month for yet another move, over to Alameda, a quieter urban enclave separated from Oakland by a modest waterway. When you come out of the tunnel into Alameda you notice immediately it’s not as busy or hectic as Oakland or the rest of the east bay. It will be an interesting shift. I’ll be living in a house that will soon come under control of our temple as a bequest from a long-time supporter; there are two other houses on the property that will all be be part of a process exploring how we can convert these buildings into affordable living for aging members of our Sangha, monk or lay.

The median rental in S.F. just across the bay from Alameda is $4,200. I know of an apartment that is about 85 sq. feet in the City and it rents for $2,500; and, somebody is paying that.

Anyway, a lot going on. Busy with AA and some personal projects and health concerns and actually living very rich life and yet, there is more…

Looking forward to 1st game of the NBA playoffs tonight. I predict someone will win the game and tomorrow this basketball crazed area will have something to talk about again.

Sometimes the nights are long and the weight of the past can feel a bit burdensome, yet there is a quality of something opening, becoming, almost apparent. Not big revelation but rather a sense of of something finally settling in. Like a sunken ship that has been under the Ocean for years suddenly shifted and nestling into the silt a little more deeply, securely, surely, and there it will  remain and continue the process. It will still fall apart. Not faster or slower, just as surely.

The Moon rises, the Earth

Moves, around the Sun

Circling always going on,

Going on; Always going

On, and on, and Becoming; an

Observable system that dis-

Integrates into No motion, ever

No longer occurring. Here. Now,

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