Bands and Leaves…

Secret pleasure of morning is to sometimes crawl back into bed for a an hour or so. Did so this a.m. and was awakened by a marching band forming and practicing outside my window. Turns out it was a whole parade forming up for a big Filipino festival in Vallejo. Many bands. Some signals are easier to understand that others. Social signals are not my forte. Love signals I almost always mistake or think they exist when they don’t. Danger signals, I’m batting .500. Same for opportunity signals. Marching band signals? I get those right away. So I got up.

Terrific day yesterday. Moving into solution with health concerns and had a great lunch and visit with a new AA friend and generally felt I was being helpful to myself and others.

Changed the picture on my header for this blog, for a while, in honor of my wife Linda who died January 29 2014, and would be celebrating her 33rd year of sobriety this June 14th. The picture was taken at Burchard Gardens in Victoria a few years ago. She loved gardens and flowers and created her own mini-Burchard.

A leaf fell from the tree of life and blown,

Wafted, upward, swirling;

Into the Unknown.

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