Nevada time machine…

Winnemucca, Nevada. Got here at 1:40 this afternoon. Disconcertingly, the exact amount of time Google Maps predicted how long it would take to get here. I left too early got here too early.  Checked into a Casino Hotel that I just picked by price (cheapest), with most Nevada-ish name (Winner’s Inn), from the Expedia site.

Smoky, weird dark Casino. Lots of furtiveness with the few daytime denizens. In fact, the whole place is at 2 percent capacity. I engaged the desk manager in conversation and she’s been at the job for four years, likes it and has made a career for herself.

“When’s the busy season?” I didn’t ask in fear she would say, “We’re having it.”

I worked for several years in Casinos in the mid-seventies, one job quite prestigious and very much a money maker. The manager who hired me, at the end of our conversation where he offered, and I accepted, the job said, “Remember, just don’t steal too much.” This was a major Casino.

I know the downside of this life of hustle very well. Actually there’s no upside, but you can’t tell that to many who are in it, because they are waiting for the big upside to manifest itself. It rarely does, and if it does, it’s a trick; which one finds out, or not.

So, to have this glancing encounter with tiny glimpses of a former existence is quite interesting and ultimately encouraging.

We can, and do, change.

Anyway, the room is very comfortable and large with nice basic amenities. I would recommend it to anyone. The tricky part is the persistent air conditioner, it gets quite a work out in the Nevada Summer. The bug spray aroma in the room is comforting in an oddly reassuring way.

Winnemucca, is a bit of a time machine with lots of old folks, me included, who find  charming that old grubbiness and tawdry hustle of a small Nevada casino. They where the majority of the joints, with just a handful of standout shiny multi-story palaces in operation for most of the gambling saga of Nevada.

Ahh, the good old days, when a guy kindly advises you to not steal too much. Because if you got too greedy then everybody else who was stealing has to take a little less so the whole edifice can remain intact. Not being greedy was the way to look out for your co-workers.

Just good business rules.

Back then they didn’t have MBA’s they just said it like it was.

2 thoughts on “Nevada time machine…

  1. Chris C

    We used to drive from Denver to Lake Tahoe. Would stop at the chevron gas station on each side of Winnemucca and get three free drink tokens coming and going to be used at the Red Star casino. Wonder if it is still there and if they except free drink tokens. Perfect for guys in the service..



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