named Breakfast Cats…

Sitting in a new place. Watching four white butterflies

Meet join apart rejoin rejoice and seek and find some

Thing in the purple vetch; their circle grows closer as the

Shadows lengthen and here comes the cat I call Pancake.

Country cat in the barn, He drinks from the pond and the

Great stone bowl filled with yesterdays rainwater and comes and

Takes a sip from the square plastic container bottom I set

Out for him and his  Breakfast Named Cats companions. They

Include, Waffle and Flapjack. We are all awaiting the prognosticated

Appearance of White Omelette, the Cat of Quiet Wisdom. Soon

She will be seen. Perhaps heard. In the middle of this is the

Wonder of a Magpie walking on a fence rail, camera ready and important.

Yet, we have war and neighbors and families consumed with distrust & ill will

Because we just can’t stop, look, and listen; for no particular purpose

Other than, to just Stop. Look. & Listen.

Cease.  See.  Hear.  Now.  Do.   It waits. 

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