Good morning, another day…

As I go to bed the election is still not decided.  Tomorrow morning, usually around 2-2:30 a.m, I’ll climb down the loft ladder in the cabin I’m currently renting in northeast corner of Oregon and I will come to this computer and find out who our next President is.

Whoever it is, approximately half the people in this country won’t be happy; I have no way of knowing whether that’s good or bad but I do have a feeling that this is a tipping point for out nation our culture our society, such as they are, and there is no way to predict where it will all go, how we will react or respond individually, or as various groups and interests. I think I’m kind of glad that I’m 69 years old though.

We all agree that change is inevitable, but are never enthusiastic when something we’re comfortable with, or about; changes. We don’t like it.

Tonight I say this is a terrific opportunity to stop and examine why we, individually, let ourselves be pushed and pulled hither and yon emotionally and psychologically by things we have no control over.

We feel powerless, yet we abrogate our own freedoms and powers by not choosing this whole political/social unrest we’re feeling, as a teaching moment for all of us; as individuals and as the much talked about culture, that we’re supposed to be part of.

This is a moment in time we can put to use for own good. I think many people won’t because to look at oneself is very difficult.


The Buddha said that the 3 Great Difficulties were, in ascending order of difficulty:

  1. To see that there is a problem (i.e. a difficult thing to see and understand, typically within).
  2. To see and address the cause of it (i.e. actual cause and conditions, and our part in them).
  3. To keep working on a solution to problem (gentle long term persistence).

So, it may be good, this morning, no matter which side of the “Problem” we wake up to, to examine closely over time with calmness and intelligence, what the actual causes and conditions of the problem are.

Then, to see how best to address these problems and conditions and, individually, see what we can do to constructively change the conditions within where the problems live and thrive.

And then, to keep working on and towards the change within ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Good morning, another day…

  1. Edward F Florence

    Some freely associated thoughts on this odd evening: I heard someone say that the country is now divided up and down instead of left and right. Another said Hillary appealed to everyone who made under 50k or over 100k and Trump represents the rest. Interesting fracture lines. Accept everything; expect nothing. Time to re-learn how to be bridges over troubled waters. It is good though to live in a time and place where can have a revolution without another civil war. Keep the faith, my man!


  2. Midge

    revolution, civil war?
    Homage to our beautiful country, homage to all countries and peoples, homage to the world.
    Thank you Helmut for your compassion and your honesty.



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