when the going gets uncomfortable the uncomfortable look within…

The person I voted for did not win the election. OK. Now what?

Now I get to live the American/Human qualities of tolerance, acceptance, wait-and-see,

honorable behavior and speech, dignity, and courage in the face of situations that

challenge my cherished opinions and beliefs. I don’t have to drop those beliefs but I do have to examine my opinions. If I don’t examine the deeper aspects of my beliefs I can become the things I dis-approve of.

I have many friends and many people who I respect and regard highly as honorable, that hold different political, cultural and religious beliefs from I own. This is the time to find the bonds that hold us in friendship and build within that close personal space the room to examine the situation as it is, not how I wish it were, and work constructively to see where our hearts and minds meet and go forward from there; which is here.

I am responsible to accept life as it is and do my BEST to allow peace within and seek peace in the world. Constructively. A great challenge at times.

I see Europe in 1945; rubble and despair. Look what humans have done in the wake of outright total war, they built peaceful and vibrant social democracies. We have a few divisions and may not all agree, but we have a lot better place to go forward from than the Europeans or Japanese or Chinese (half the world actually), had at the end of WWll.

So, we actually have a bright future if we are willing to practice what we preach.

Coming together, helping, being loving and kind, and staying true to ourselves.

Very doable. I say.

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