On the road…

Having moved again two months ago, I’m on the road again, this time to D.C.

A lot has been going on, yet not much at all. That, I’m beginning to sense is the actuality of everyones life, but that doesn’t mean we are aware of those two seeming opposites on a regular basis, or even sometimes.

It seems, I have no way of knowing this, that as my mind gets spacier and I have increasing difficulty with memory and single-mindedness, there is a deepening of some of the more elusive, and formerly sought-after, aspects of being in this world.

So, when things seem a certain way; they may be. I feel naturally more able to remain still within and allow the mind to just be. If that’s a form of dementia, or the right-on-time onset of something or other, then I can be very comfortable with that; providing I develop small strategies in dealing with the little daily doings that I tend to forget. I’m just getting old and am grateful that I got sober and clean while simultaneously starting a regular Buddhist practice, and continuing to nurture those two vital aspects of my life.

What a lucky duck!

I stumbled into a good life and even though I’ve tried to mess it up a few times, apparently my efforts were insufficient.

Good fortune with a modicum of effort and sometimes just not being too afraid.

I’m in Denver Airport and like how simple and quiet it is, in a book store I found some good airplane-reading. For me a part of flying is a moment to indulge. I found a high window seat where I can watch them load and fuel planes just 50 yards away. All those routine things that have to get done so we can fly high up in the sky (Fly Me To The Moon:) in compact and enclosed little swarms of humanity/karma and are, with very few exceptions safely brought back to earth. Wether we want to or not.

Going here staying there

Moving about being still

Thinking and forgetting

No matter where or how

There is no here, Never

No there. There!

It’s the journey, no

Arrival. That’s just

A resting place.






2 thoughts on “On the road…

  1. Edward F Florence

    Enjoy your time in the air! Keep your time well supplied with air! And set things to rights there in DC!



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