At that age where I…

So it seems I’m getting older, much less attentive and yet a bit more self-absorbed and un-inclined to suffer foolishness or its perpetrators gladly; yet I still perpetuate any number of foolish notions within myself simply out of habit. I contain more than a measure of that tricky obstinacy that some old people can carry off at times,with a bit of aplomb. Keeping in mind that most delusions are carried off with assurance, because we believe them and they are deeply habitual, thus not scrutinized.

The above seems to be generally applicable to most older folk, or younger ones for that matter. It seems we are born with some stories that we don’t know how to tell or incorporate comfortably, or even be aware of, yet we build lives around those stories.Whole, long stories. Long stories.

Similarly, we are not aware of our urinary function, except that it is unceasing; a constant recurring demand and a constant recurring relief. It seems so ordinary, like the Sun rising and setting, yet we do experience eclipses, and even though we know what all is their cause and explanation, we still respond to them in an almost mystical way. Nothing wrong with that. However, if my urinary function is compromised, someone (often a doctor), will explain causes and give me some medicine to deal with discomfort and make it better. Like Shamman (Shamen?), or priests in ancient times explained eclipses and made people feel better about them with an explanationand/or medicine. Since I’ve digressed a bit let me stretch it more and think in terms of us individually as just a structured, living, healthy, viable organism with consciousness

It’s my understanding that we don’t actually “breathe”, in the sense that it is a function of a personal will to remain upright and alive, (of course that does enter the picture during illness etc:). We tend not to breathe consciously. We breathe because when we exhale (dispelling inspiration that has turned almost poisonous), this causes a problem of air pressure, and that is a good problem because the air pressure outside of us is higher than the air pressure inside of us and that forces pressure stabilization, which we call inhaling. Our body is functioning as an air pressure valve, (even when we are brain “dead”), so that we have time to do other stuff and not worry about the next breath, unless it is a situation where one’s pressure regulator is compromised, then we see things from a different perspective. But when the air regulator is functioning we go on without concern and just live whatever life we’re in.

Eating, farting, pooping, peeing, reaching, grasping, letting go, walking, sitting, standing around, thinking great thoughts and miserable one’s, in the same breath wondering what the spread for 49’rs game is, and why I can’t put up with so-and-so, or want to such-and-such with so-and-so at some future time; please.

Whoops gotta take a pee! Now, where was I? Oh, yeah gotta make some coffee and think about exercising a little, wonder what that fucking noise outside is? A frog, this time of year? Hmmm! Now what was I gonna do?

In some sense I seem to be experiencing life within a very, very, very thin slice of the Universe conjured by this one Helmut; and because all of my decisions in this life have brought me to here, to this very place; there must be millions/billions, of other time-lines where I made other decisions and then other decisions, the outcomes of which are now being experienced by some other version of innumerably possible Helmut outcomes. And, they all end up dead. Yet, they’ve served and important function. They each have always had the same choice. Can I do better than I’m doing? For the good of all.

This world and

This life are pretty good.

I must be very careful in how I

See and decide on, the Things in

This Life. It is the only One I have.




Here; and there is…

2 thoughts on “At that age where I…

  1. Ed

    Vonnegut said that we are servants of water and that peeing is simply water’s way of being transported to new places. Pretty deep, eh?


  2. Helmut Post author

    We are water, and 90% of our body is not our DNA; its other creatures’ so that we and they can live. The actual miracle of all life is co-dependency. There’s a slim chance, apparently, that I may not be as important as I feel. Nahhh! That can’t be right.



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