My mind wanders…

Recently, last 6-7 months, my mind is really changing. Much more scattered and memory becoming more of a thing of the past, if you know what I mean. While I’m becoming even more loquacious than usual I’m also becoming more abrupt and short with people. So, not a good mix, as such.

However, there is a compensatory factor in that I’m going through some newish, although seeming so ordinary after the fact, spiritual awareness. That in itself is refreshing, but apparently not a big deal. It used to be a big deal. Currently it isn’t, it’s just ordinary.

One thing that is clarifying is that I can worry if I want to, but there isn’t much purpose or usefulness in long term worry, as such. I had always assumed it was at least a mildly fundamental aspect of general mentation. Now it seems merely functional and has some use.

It (worry) is a by-product and also a functional indicator more similar to the road-side billboard that alerts a traveler to something down the road that may be of use or interest. It’s an aspect of mental traveling, when I worry I’m on the road.

There are many by-products in the varieties of manufacturing anything, and most by-products are not useful unless they can be converted through a further process, into something usable.

My basic internal process seems to consist largely of my personal will going hand-in-hand with letting go (I know, image-wise that’s little outlandish, but I like it), and apparently some smallish effort is required.

The small effort of Letting

Go is  just Un-clenching the

Fist made by too much Will.

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