1st dream of the year…

I dreamt that I was losing control over situations that I used to manage without a thought; it got so bad that I lost all connection with that reality, within that dream.

Then I dreamt that I realized with great relief all my control and loss were about things that didn’t matter, not only in the big picture, but at all.

I awoke bemused and puzzled over a dream concerning nothing really important having mattered much. Then I remembered it was the first day of the New Year and I had committed to having a couple of real New Year’s resolutions concerning my spiritual path and training, all ready to go. But, I hadn’t even one.

Then I realized. That is, made real; the true meaning of that dream. Worry, fear, doubt and anxiety cannot exist simultaneously, let alone singly within a mind that is gathering itself home. Which, it seems also means that while gathering home, the mind lets loose. The mind at work is the mind distracted. Confusion depends upon distraction.

So, I’m not that confused any more, although I still forget stuff.

The waking day was spent handing out some money, having brunch with a good hearted friend who hasn’t realized her natural good heart fully and thus is prone to worry. My observation is that most people are a molecule thick membrane of pixie dust separated from care and freedom because of positions arrived at. Positions are the problem yet we all take them and believe we are bound by conditions outside of us. A pesky problem indeed. Somewhat like those trick problems posed in riddles where simple  plus and minus math computations are offered in posing the question, while the questions actual answer is not one of computation but seeing a problem clearly, directly.

You are the bus driver, at the first stop 3 passengers get off and 7 get on, at the next stop 5 get off and 3 get on, at the next stop 12 get on and 3 get off and the last stop 13 people get off and 4 got on, but 1 of those gets off because they changed their mind before the bus departed. How tall is the bus driver?

(You are the driver)

How can anyone sit still in the midst of a world of constant busyness and distraction?

(You are anyone)  First sit still ,and then you’ll see what the problem actually is.

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