Between the Sun and Moon…

On State Hwy 82 in Northeast corner of Oregon, coming from Wallowa Buddhist Temple and heading for Walla Walla, WA. About 4-5 miles before Elgin, OR, I was riding into the setting Sun beyond the Blue Mountains which I would have to cross to get to Washington.

I looked into my rearview mirror and saw, above the Wallowa Mountains to my rear, that a 3/5th’s -moon had risen and was brightly reflecting the Sun. Both about the same distance above two separate small mountain ranges that sit about 40 miles apart, with me between them scooting along at 65 miles per hour.

Distance and time traveling, and milage being eaten by trusty truck heading me home. Moon and Sun greeting each other, or so it seemed to me and it isn’t ’til later I realize they see each other so often they probably don’t even bother to say hello. Maybe in the morning, but the morning where?

What I did discover though is something very important. Two things actually, one a deep insight into astronomy, the other something I never knew before about math. I know very little of either subject but because of the the unique situation of time and place and angles and speed and me with eyes and a rearview mirror, I found out this; There is more to the moon than meets the eye. We hear a lot about a Full-moon, A Half-moon, a Quarter-moon and No-moon. I discovered the 3/5th’s-moon.

I know it was all situational, but so was Columbus landing in the New World. Like him, I’m taking the credit. If not me who? If not then, when?

Then, there’s the Math Discovery.

One (1) is an even number! Therefore, all fractions are even numbers! Ha! Take that, all you teachers who flunked a certain German immigrant, repeatedly, in math and other subjects. I best be humble though, the Media is sure to get wind of this.

Anyway, it was a really nice moon and I enjoyed it while it lasted. Safely glancing, not staring. (65mph).


The Sun is there and the Moon is over there and

I am here heading there and came from over there

And looking for Nothing everywhere and, not Anywhere.

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